Monday, January 23, 2012

Bex Loves...Adventurous Kate

My first dedicated blog shout-out post has to go to Adventurous Kate.  I have been reading Kate's blog for several years now, but got incredibly excited when she quit her job and began traveling and blogging full-time in October 2010.  She began with a six-month trip backpacking around Asia, and since then has worked her tail off to build up her business and make traveling and writing a full-time gig.  What I love most about Kate's posts is her enthusiasm.  I think she tries to find something she LOVES about every location, and it is infectious.  After reading her posts about Jordan, "I want to go to there," and I never would have thought twice about that destination before.

While Kate is currently based out of the U.K., she really is a global citizen, with adventures in Buenos Aires, Asia, Mexico, and all over Europe.  Plus, the fact that she is a Boston girl makes me love her even more!

In fact, the first travel recommendation I took from Kate was in Boston!  This past summer, due to lots of life events, my girlfriends and I didn't take a huge girls trip, but opted for a few smaller trips instead.  For my friend's birthday in August we decided to opt out of a quick jaunt to New Orleans, Vegas or New York and had a "stay-cation" instead.  What did we do?  Well, we basically followed every recommendation Kate gave about the rooftop pool at the Colonnade Hotel in Boston.  We got there early, staked out some great lounge chairs, plied ourselves frozen John Dalys, and gorged on yummy poolside snacks.  By the end of the day we wanted to move into the hotel.  A fantastic day, thanks to Kate's idea!

Kate's posts aren't all crazy and fun though, one of her most compelling and scary adventures is when she got shipwrecked in Indonesia.  When most people would have thrown in the towel and headed home, Kate learned from her misfortune and moved forward.  Kate's mission is to inspire and inform women about solo travel, and through her experiences abroad (both good and bad) she has very valuable tips to share.  Giving up is not an option.

In addition to writing about all her amazing adventures on her blog, in December 2011 Kate launched a calendar store, using photos from all over the world.  I am hard-pressed to pick a favorite, as any of them would give you a serious case of wanderlust, but I have to say that the Bali calendar is probably the one that makes me want to pack my bags the most.

With over 2,000 "likes" on Facebook, and over 6,000 followers on Twitter, I know I am not alone in my girl-crush on Kate.  Plus, if you ever need a mini-vacation at your desk some dreary winter day...hit up her Pinterest boards.  Seriously.

Do you have a favorite travel blog?

I have no affiliation with Adventurous Kate.
All opinions are completely mine.

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  1. Bex, this is amazing. So sweet and so nice. Thank you so much! I am so glad that I've provided you with inspiration. And I need to thank you, too -- your comments about visiting the Colonnade on my recommendation are now part of my media kit! :-) Thanks for brightening my day.