Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bex Loves...Me Two You

If you are anything like me, it seems like EVERYONE you know either has a baby, is pregnant, or BOTH!  And hopefully you are like me and all these babies you know are born to absolutely wonderful parents and need very little.

Unfortunately, not all babies are born in such circumstances.  A newly developed company, Me Two You, aims to help those babies and children in need, while also offering you a luxurious gift for the babies in your life.

According to their website, Me Two You was founded on a simple idea:  for every baby blanket purchased, they will give a blanket to an orphaned child.  How amazing is that?  The blankets look so soft and snugly, I kind of want one for myself!

Everyone knows a baby who has everything, why not start showing them at a (very) young age how wonderful it is to give back to those who have less?  I have a few new babies in my life and a few more on the way, and plan on purchasing each one a Me Two You blanket.  I also think this would make a wonderful and thoughtful Christening gift.

Me Two You blankets are made in the USA and are available in pink, blue or yellow.  Plus, as the company was founded and is run by three moms, the blankets are created with child safety standards in mind.  The blankets are formaldehyde safe and are in full compliance with the regulations for childcare articles.

Everything about Me Two You warms my heart, from supporting a local (Massachusetts) small business run by women (and moms!) to helping orphaned children get a little bit of comfort to giving the children in my life a gift that will also teach them a meaningful life lesson.  This may be my new go to baby shower gift!

I have no affiliation with Me Two You.
All opinions are completely mine.

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