Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bex Loves...Lollipops by Mihow

A few weeks ago I went on a bit of an etsy shopping spree and bought a few things I have had my eye on for quite a while.  No real reason, most likely I was having a bad day and needed a few pick-me-ups.  One of my purchases included some Lollipops by Mihow.

I have been reading Michele's blog for years now, I think I started reading while she was pregnant with her oldest son, Emory, so that would make it around 2007-ish?  I think what first struck a chord with me was the animal lover in Michele, and how, over the years, and two kids later, her cats are just as loved and cared for as her children.  I also very much appreciate Michele's raw honesty on various topics, from postpartum depression, to infertility, to aging.  (And hey, Tuesdays with Murray only make her blog eleventy billion times more fun!)

But!  This post is about her LOLLIPOPS!  I mean, how can you not want to try lollipops with a tag line of "corn syrup-free, handmade and awesome?"  My order included 6 red wine pops and then a sampler box, which consisted of Tingled Pink, Chai, Zesty Fennel, First Snow, First Trimester and Pepper Pop.

Guys.  These lollipops don't lie -- they really are awesome.  I shared the red wine pops with some coworkers and they all went insane and wanted to know where I got them and how to order them.  I kept all the sampler box ones for myself, and gave myself a treat each day while studying for finals.  I can't pick a favorite.  They were all so amazing and the flavors, while odd, were so perfectly blended I wondered why these weren't mainstream lollipop flavors. 

I could have so much fun planning parties around these lollipops as favors, too.  Having an 80s themed party?  Order up The Double Dog Dare, cola flavored with Pop Rocks!  Hosting a baby shower for your best girlfriend?  Do her a steady and buy her (and the guests!) some of the First Trimester (lemonade and ginger flavored) or better yet, The Due Date (wintergreen and fennel) to pack in her hospital bag.  Invited to a hip and fun brunch?  Why not bring some of the Rise and Shine (maple syrup and bacon flavored), and don't worry if your host or hostess are vegetarian...the "bacon" in these pops are "guilt free according to Peta!"  Michele also does custom orders and flavors, so if you have a weird combo you think would taste great wrapped in all natural sugar, give her a shout.

The best news?  If you act fast (as in by noon today) you can get 5 lollipops for 5 bucks as a special "stocking stuffer" deal Michele is holding.  Similar to the sampler box, the 5 you get will be of Michele's choosing, but you'll definitely get one or more of The Double Dog Dare, Sweet Tea and/or Rise and Shine.  Check them out -- I promise you won't be disappointed.

I paid full-price for the lollipops I purchased from Lollipops by Mihow.
All opinions are completely mine.

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  1. I have had her etsy shop bookmarked FOREVER. I think I'm going to have to take the plunge and buy some of those lollipops now!